Faculty of Business – Leadership Programme 2018-19


Company Visit

Company visits allow students to have a glimpse into the business world in practice.  As well they offer an opportunity to network with business executives and professionals.  Under the Business Leadership Programme (2018-19),  students had chances to explore two different companies: Nu Skin and The Desk.

Nu Skin is a MNC with significant market share in Hong Kong, while The Desk is a dynamic local co-working company that is now positioned to penetrate into the China market.  Both of them are fast-growing but they have rather different business strategies. Their business models are relevant and important to our business students. During the company visits, students attended presentations on company history, company culture, marketing and business strategies, and toured around the premises of the companies.


9 March 2019, 1st Company Visit: Nu Skin

Ms. Keliee Wong, Global Business Development Consultant, presents Nu Skin’s global business expansion strategies and its unique business model.



13th April 2019, 2nd Company Visit: The Desk

Dr. Au Yeung, Gigi, Community Partnership Director, introduces the background and business strategy of the Desk, and how co-working office forms a new business trend nowadays.


We thank Nu Skin and The Desk for allowing our students to redeem this unique opportunity to meet, engage and interact with management teams through visiting their companies.