Faculty of Business – Leadership Programme 2017-18

Kick-off Ceremony of the Leadership Programme of the Faculty of Business (2017-18)

The kick-off ceremony of the Leadership Programme was held on 6 December, 2017. Nine students joined the ceremony. Coming from BBA (Hons), BCom (Hons) in Accounting and Banking and the BBA (Hons) in Finance programmes, they all have outstanding academic record and leadership potential.

In the ceremony, Dr. Charmaine CHAN and Dr. Kam Wah LAI gave an introduction about the programme. The Dean of Faculty of Business, Prof. Lok Sang HO, also gave a speech welcoming students and encouraging them to build key leadership attributes and skills and prepare themselves for the challenges in the future business environment.



Leadership Programme (Faculty of Business) – Seminar “The Best Ways to Manage People” (19 March 2018).

The seminar titled “The Best Ways to Manage People” was given by our distinguished alumnus, Sam Chow. Sam graduated in 2011 with first class honours in the BA (Hons) programme. He is currently the CEO of GeBe Group. In the seminar, Sam shared his experience on how to manage, lead and motivate employees of different backgrounds in order to attain company objectives effectively.



Leadership Programme (Faculty of Business) – Seminar “Leadership and Teamwork – The Secret Recipe to Business Success” (26 March 2018)

Mr. Nicholas Christopher John Williams (Nick), the president of GeBe Group, was our guest speaker for a seminar on “Leadership and Teamwork – The Secret Recipe to Business Success” on 26 March 2018.

Nick has over 20 years of experience as a senior executive covering different roles in several industries, including IT, sales and Marketing fields. In the seminar, he shared with students in our Leadership Programme on the importance of teamwork and how to lead a team to achieve business goals. His inspiring presentation opened the eyes of our students to the application of leadership skills to motivate and to foster team spirit.Students introduced themselves to Nick.