Long History in Offering Quality Programmes in Business Administration

The Department has been offering the four-year Programme in Business Administration for more than half a century. It underscores our College’s decade-long commitment in providing quality education to secondary school leavers; as well as what we see as our obligation to fulfilling the needs in the field of commerce. The Programme was introduced in 1949. For decades, our programme has produced a significant number of talented graduates with specialised knowledge and skills in Business Administration. Our flexible curriculum is specifically designed to meet the local and international needs of the global economy; it is also structured to systematically introduce students with relevant contents from elementary to advanced, covering both fundamental and professional knowledge for effective applications of theories to practices. This allows us to train and produce capable graduates who have been able to contribute to the continuous economic developments in Hong Kong and the neighbouring regions, where professionals working in the business sector with in-depth knowledge in business and management are very much needed.

Contributions to the Growth of Economy in Hong Kong since 1960s

From early 1960s, our graduates have been making significant contributions to the growth of Hong Kong economy in each decade successfully transforming Hong Kong from a base of labour intensive production, import and export, shipping and transportation, manufacturing, finance and banking services to a well-known centre of logistics, finance and professional services. As a result of the regional economic boom, there was a significant demand for business professionals in Hong Kong and our College had helped nurtured a large number of students to meet the needs of the economical growth. Throughout the years, the Business Administration Department in our College has been serving as a provider of quality education. The Department is determined to continue this mission of nurturing our graduates to fuel the rapidly growing economy of Hong Kong.