Programme Information

Title of Programme Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)
Normal Duration 4 Years
Credits Required for Graduation 123 Credits

Programme Characteristics

A Balanced Curriculum with Specialised Knowledge and Skills
Business and managerial professionals of today are required to have both specialized knowledge and skills together with a broad spectrum of business and management knowledge. Such knowledge and skills are well integrated into our balanced curriculum for preparing our students to meet the challenges of the modern business environment. Besides business and management studies, the proposed programme also incorporates finance, accounting, law and ethics as well as generic skills in IT, interpersonal and communication for the achievement of an all-round business education.

A Flexible and Diversified Programme Leads to Wider Career Opportunities
With the comprehensive studies on business and management, students are able to master the skills they need to excel in an increasingly complex business world. Since the Programme allows students to follow a flexible curriculum, students are able to develop their areas of interests which could help achieve their future career goals. Moreover, the breadth of business knowledge enables our students to seize wider career opportunities in various fields within the business environment. Graduates of the proposed programme are expected to be competent in various disciplines, such as business consultancy, marketing, human resources and finance in different business sectors.

Strong Focus on Management Theory and Practice
Based on the success of the existing programme, we continue to place a strong focus on the management studies. The Programme aims at providing students with both fundamental and advanced management theory and practice in three specific areas: General Management Studies, Human Resources Management (HRM) and Marketing Management.

Awareness of Globalization and the China Business Environment
The globalization and the emerging China market has resulted in the increase of demand for Hong Kong consulting expertise in manufacturing, business training, information technology, and environmental management. In view of this changing trend of demand, our proposed programme has incorporated appropriate coverage on the Chinese and global business elements in the courses Management in Chinese Enterprises, Economic and Financial Development of China, etc.

Managing the Global Enterprise
Global business has become a fast growing area which requires specific management skills. There is an increasing need for professionals who have strong understanding of the dynamic nature of international business as well as possess the necessary skills for conducting business across borders and managing companies in a multicultural environment. Our proposed programme emphasizes managing business with global perspectives by providing students with the knowledge, skills, attributes and networks required for leadership and success in the global economy. In order to develop students’ ability to evaluate managerial, economic, organizational and marketing issues in a global context, the Programme incorporates courses in international and regional management, such as International Management, International HRM, International Marketing, and International Banking.

Emphasis on Business Responsibility and Professional Ethics
As contemporary management practices require to highly stress a sustainable, ethical, and socially responsible business society, our programme instils respect and strives for high ethical standards, accountability, objectivity and integrity into our business education. In fact, the increasingly stringent regulatory procedures demand clear understanding of the issues of conflicts of interest, responsibilities to stakeholders and legality of conduct. We, therefore, further expose our students to the complex issues of the roles of business and the responsibilities to society beyond just simply maximizing wealth and also emphasize to them the importance of professional conduct and good ethical behaviour.