Career Prospect and Further Studies

Career Prospects

The BBA (Hons) programme provides a broad range of knowledge in business and management that has fostered students’ business skills and competency to meet the needs of different industries. It focuses on the competencies especially in the areas of Human Resources Management, Marketing and General Management that our graduates will need to function at various managerial levels in many types of organizations.  Our diversified but still rigorous BBA programme raises the chances of success in job hunting and places our graduates at an advantage over choice of jobs, organizations, and industries such as SMEs, retail and services industries, and banking and finance industries.   Their employers include private businesses, non-profit NGOs, as well as governmental entities.

According to a current employment survey conducted on BBA graduates of 2013-2017, our graduates were able to work in various industries at satisfactory salary range.   Most of them were employed soon after graduation.  A considerable number of graduates worked in the field of Human Resource/Administration, Marketing, Customer Service and Merchandising in different industry sectors, such as trading firms, banking and financial institutions, government and education. The career development of our graduates is in line with our Programme’s focus on HR and Marketing training.

Opportunities for Further Studies

Our graduates also have a solid foundation for pursuing postgraduate studies in business management and related fields, leading to a variety of professional degrees in Hong Kong and overseas.

Examples of postgraduate programmes our BA graduates  got offer of admission in the past follow:

Institution Programme
The Hong Kong Chinese University
  • M.Sc. in E-Commerce and Logistics Technologies
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • M.Sc. in China Business Studies
The Hong Kong Baptist University
  • M.A in Ethics & Public Affairs
  • MA in Applied Economics
  • MSc in Information Technology Management
  • M.Sc. in Business Management
  • M.Sc. in Environmental & Public Health Management
City University of Hong Kong
  • M.A. in Quantitative Analysis for Business
Lingnan University
  • Master in Human Resources Management and Organization Behaviour
The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Master of Public Policy and Governance
The University of Nottingham (Ningbo China)
  • M.Sc. in International Management