Meeting the Professional Needs of the Business Community

As a knowledge-based, technologically advanced economy, Hong Kong’s demand for well-educated manpower has already exceeded supply and is expected to grow rapidly especially in the areas of business, finance, insurance, and logistics. As Hong Kong is undergoing a transition from skill-based to knowledge-based economy that includes high value-added business and services, management professionals have become the key human resources for supporting the new knowledge-based economy. All of these factors indicate that graduates of the Business Administration (BA) Programme will be well placed to gain employment from the expected increase in manpower demand in the future.

With the emergence of China as a member of the WTO, the CEPA agreement, and the rapid development of other major Asian cities, Hong Kong, to its favour, has more career opportunities on one hand, and at the same time facing greater competition from other regional counterparts on the other. It is vital for us to develop a coherent and consistent direction that is in line with the development associated with China and to fortify our strengths in order to take full advantage of the plentiful business opportunities. As it is evident that China can provide abundant and cost effective labour and plentiful natural resources, Hong Kong should concentrate on what it had been doing all along to provide and supplement China with professional and management expertise that are on parity with international standards. In addition, the recent Government’s Policy Address highlighting the growth of the Pearl-Delta Region and Yang-Tze Delta Region as highly productive economic regions again re-emphasised the importance of the co-operation that will mutually benefit Hong Kong and the Mainland. Our responsibility then, as a tertiary education institution, is to equip our students with professional and technological know-how through quality education to support and sustain the economic growth. Our Business Administration Programme is in good position to help meeting this robust demand for well-trained, highly qualified and experienced professionals in Hong Kong and its neighbouring regions for the challenges of the years to come.

A Flexible and Diversified Business Administration Programme

The Programme in Business Administration focuses on management disciplines with special emphasis on the understanding of different functional interrelationships. Our proposed programme intends to provide students with solid business knowledge and background based on multiple business perspectives and balanced skill sets to help them become effective leaders in the business environment. Besides acquiring the knowledge on management, students are free to focus and develop their areas of interests which would help achieve their future career and personal objectives. Students may specialise in areas such as general management, human resources or marketing. With this merit, students can have the flexibility to structure their course of studies in order to best suit their needs for future career aspirations in business and management. This distinct feature of our programme thus provides a flexible and diversified curriculum in Business Administration so as to prepare our students to face the challenges of their future career development and further postgraduate studies or research.