Student Exchange Programmes

1 BEST Summer Exchange Programme by Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Each year this summer programme in Germany offers ONE tuition fee waiver to our students. Our Department has been continuously sending students to this Summer Exchange Program. This year, there were two year 3 students of BBA were selected to join this summer exchange programme.



2 Ming Dao University of Taiwan

The Department also has agreement with the Ming Dao University of Taiwan for exchanging students for one academic semester. In the first semester of 2011, two BBA students were selected to participate in the exchange programme with Ming Dao University of Taiwan for one academic semester.

Summary from two BBA students:

Lok Sin Ying

Participating an exchange program is a ‘MUST’ in the list of my life. In the first semester of year two, I did it. I went to Ming Dao University in Taiwan for an exchange program for four months. This exchange program really enhances my independence and allows me to learn different cultures. No doubt I really learnt a lot.

This was the first time I left my motherland and studied abroad. I lived in the school hall, did the laundry myself, and had meals in University canteen day by day, I even celebrate the mid-autumn festival and Christmas with classmates not my families. I felt a bit home sick at the beginning of the exchange period. However, I changed my mind a week after staying at the Ming Dao University. People in Taiwan are very nice and helpful to foreigners. They would never refuse your request and they would always try their best to help you. Although I cannot speak fluent Mandarin, students and teachers in the University always paid attention to me and listen to me patiently. This is a good respect to the foreign people.

Wong Tsz Yan

The exchange experience in the past four months in Ming Dao University has greatly enriched my life. I had chance to the Ming Dao University in Taiwan together with Lok Sin Ying, another BBA student from Chu Hai College of Higher Education. It is so exciting to experience being an exchange student in a foreign country.

I remember the first day when we arrived the University, we were greatly impressed by the beautiful environment of the campus. It was just like a country park, with a lake and many trees. Everyday, we enjoyed walking from hall to the lecture classroom, as we had to walk through the lake, with extremely beautiful view. The lecturers were very patient and students were also very nice. In that period, they taught us how to pronounce Mandarin correctly, and also their local language. Communicating in another language during these few months undoubtedly had forced us “think before you speak”.

After all, I really enjoy my exchange experience in Ming Dao University. It seemed to me a long honeymoon during my study. I did not even want to come back to Hong Kong. This is a happy, enjoyable student life when you look back. I am Grateful to have this chance to stay and study in Taiwan. My dream has come true.